The Truth About Ken Livingstone

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What did he say that got him suspended? Of course, he got the date wrong, Hitler came to power in It was also wrong to personalise the shift in policy. But the point he was making about the Nazi regime and Zionism is basically correct, as I shall demonstrate.

Labour refuses to expel Ken Livingstone for comments on Hitler and Zionism

Ken Livingstone is new honorary president of Labour Against the Witchhunt alongside comrade Machover — check out how LAW fought to extract a rare apology from the Mail on Sunday when it maliciously misreported our meeting with him and Jackie Walker on March On April 4, the rag has finally apologised to Ken Livingstone which was printed in the April 7 edition of the Mail on Sunday :. We must continue to challenge how parts of the media act, spreading lie after lie, with little regard for the truth, and not be deterred in our campaigning for a better society, for the many not the few.

In fact he told the meeting the claim he had said such a thing was one of the lies being spread about him. We apologise for this error.

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Video below. He was in the vanguard of those challenging all forms of bigotry at that time, he played a huge role in shifting public opinion.

She helped to spearhead the efforts to stop Nigel Farage obtaining a parliamentary platform for his bigoted credo, when he stood as a parliamentary candidate in South Thanet in But there is of course more to do, which is why we need to unite to stand up to bigotry that manifests itself in racism, Islamophobia, misogyny and anti-Semitism.

A government that will implement an irreversible shift in the balance of power in the interests of working people.

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Chakrabarti has not only ignored her own recommendations on natural justice and due process but she has also destroyed her own reputation, as a former Director of Liberty, for a belief in freedom of expression. Nothing Livingstone was alleged to have done could in any way be described as anti-Semitic.

Ken Livingstone: suspended from Labour over “anti-Semitism”

If he gave offence to supporters of Israel and Zionism it is because of the appalling record historically of Zionism when it comes to fighting real anti-Semites. It was not meant to be like this. Livingstone, a south Londoner, spent almost all his adult life in London Labour politics.

Ken Livingstone

He emerged as a public figure in , when he seized the leadership of the Greater London council after Labour won an election; then in office he tried to cut fares until the courts struck down the Fares Fair policy, and irritated Margaret Thatcher with support for nuclear disarmament and Irish republicanism. Until, that was, Blair chose to reform London government and create the job of mayor, a position that might as well have been created for Livingstone himself.

Frank Dobson narrowly beat Livingstone for the Labour nomination, but Livingstone won a majority of the membership — and more to the point, won the following mayoral election with ease. As mayor he introduced the congestion charge, the Oyster travel card and supported the successful bid for the Olympics. Throughout his time in charge in London, Livingstone was usually able to carefully judge his controversies, starting rows but often although not always able to demonstrate he had something of a point.

Meanwhile, the more recent antisemitism row dragged on. However, the failure to expel him prompting uproar in large parts of the Labour party.