Sky Hunters: Operation Southern Cross

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These giant telescopes are literally the focal point see what I did there? The Sherwoods were at Killarney during our own visit to take advantage of the Perseid meteor showers, which typically peak around August 12 th or so every year.

Bill and Vicki Sherwood have been involved with astronomy for decades, having lived and worked around telescopes practically all their lives, much of that in Germany. Name a place with a research observatory and Bill has likely worked there, and Vicki is no slouch either when it comes to knowing her way around the skies.

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These astronomers-in-residence and the outreach programs they offer are a critical component in Killarney earning its Dark Sky Preserve designation. Astronomy can be a frustrating hobby just ask Henk. For the best dark sky experience, you want a clear night without clouds or too much moisture in the air, and ideally no moonlight if you want to see more stars. Our visit to Killarney Provincial Park happened to coincide with an August full moon, meaning that the stars would be less visible because of the brightness of the moon.

And since planets are brighter than stars, both Saturn and Jupiter were easily spotted in the sky even with the naked eye. And thanks to the telescope, we could actually see the rings of Saturn, which amazed us all.

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But even when you adjust your expectations for this, the fact that you can actually see details on planets with your own eyes is something that is truly impressive. On our second night in the park, Henk and I had the telescope all to ourselves, and we spent several hours looking at Saturn, the moon, and Jupiter, where I could even see the bands on the planet!

As excited as I was about that, Henk was definitely in his element. He could have spent all night there, searching for the elusive Cats Eye Nebula, or Whirlpool Galaxy, but unfortunately the moonlight made those objects too difficult to see. Still, the thrill of being in a Dark Sky Preserve and having access to this kind of telescope was something that made our visit to Killarney extraordinary. Light rubbing wear to cover, spine and page edges.

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Bookseller Inventory Synopsis: The expert, the fearless, the crazy-the most lethal weapon in the U. Only the best can make it in X-Battalion, the top-secret experimental arm of the U.

The mavericks and madmen who fly the highest tech attack helicopters make their own rules as they shuttle CIA spooks and Special Ops commandos to high-risk zones -- and leap into the fight without question whenever the need arises. But fresh from a successful mission against a Colombian drug lord, XBat finds itself the target of a new and unexpected enemy: fighter jets from a revitalized Venezuelan air force. A brutal new-age SS is coming alive in this volatile South America powderkeg, with the power to start a war and a terrifying weapon to help them win it.

But now they've got XBat's rogue warriors on their tail, who are determined to pursue the growing threat from Caracas to Cuba. Mass Market Paperback. Condition: Good. First Paperback printing. Brief summary of content available on request by e-mail. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller. Add to Basket.

The Best Places to See the Southern Lights

Book Description Avon. Many FBI Cessnas, for example, are fitted with exhaust mufflers to reduce engine noise. FBI and DHS aircraft carry sophisticated camera systems in steerable mounts that can provide conventional video, night vision, and infrared thermal imaging. On FBI planes, cameras are typically paired with augmented reality systems , which superimpose a variety of information over the video, and can embed the feed from a camera into a wider scene built up from stored satellite images.

This promotional video from Churchill Navigation of Boulder, Colorado, whose systems are installed on FBI surveillance aircraft, explains some of their capabilities.

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Over the past few years, news organizations and advocacy groups have also accumulated evidence that some government surveillance planes can carry equipment to track cell phones on the ground. The documents reveal that the agency was unsure how many times the devices had been used, when pressed for information by the Senate judiciary committee. Calls are not intercepted, and personal data is not captured, Allen said.

Still, tracking the movements of specific criminal suspects may entail connecting to the phones of thousands of people who just happen to be nearby. And although government policies say that information about nontarget phones should be quickly discarded, privacy advocates remain concerned about cell-site simulators, which may not require a warrant in emergency situations. Even before San Bernardino, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was calling for surveillance of certain mosques.

And in the wake of the bombings in Brussels in March, rival Ted Cruz said that surveillance in Muslim neighborhoods should be intensified. BuzzFeed News mapped mosques and Islamic centers throughout the nation, as detailed in a database maintained by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research in Connecticut.

Sky Hunters

Some mosques were at the center of the circles traced by FBI planes, but BuzzFeed News could see no clear pattern indicating widespread surveillance of mosques. Privacy advocates argue that all of the flights should be subjected to greater official scrutiny, to ensure that a balance is being struck between effective law enforcement and privacy. Contact Peter Aldhous at peter. Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. Journalist, author, professor of journalism at New York University.

Specialties: science and investigative journalism. Contact Charles Seife at cgseife cloud9.