La Sainte Folie du couple (Pratique) (French Edition)

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Unabridged 9. It is in this context that love became the symbol of a king who privileged peace against war, and where emotional pleasure triumphed over moralizing values and asserted itself as a new aesthetic category. This six-week course sequence FREN will help students build a solid foundation in the basic patterns of written and spoken French and their use in everyday communication.

Completing this sequence is the equivalent of FREN during the regular academic year, and it will fullfill the College language competency requirement for University of Chicago students. This course includes close readings and discussions of major literary and dramatic works by twentieth-century authors e.

Chrétien de Troyes | Arlima - Archives de littérature du Moyen Âge

Topics might include surrealism, absurdism, existentialism, gender and sexual identity, social upheaval, the post-modern condition, and the rise of cinema. At a time when liberal models are undergoing a crisis, in Europe and in America, this course seeks to explore an alternative genealogy for political modernity and its theoretical implications. This course also aims to bring to light a comparatively neglected aspect of the thought of Montaigne — his political thought and its complex relationship with later major political philosophies. Our working hypothesis is that these different themes may be linked coherently if they are understood in terms of the contribution made by Montaigne to the construction of modern liberal thought, as it has developed from Hobbes to the present day.

All readings in French; discussion in English.

Accueil | New African Woman, Édition Française

We will also read older critical interpretations Mauron, Sartre, H. Finally, we will read him in conjunction with some other, more or less overtly philosophical texts Heidegger, Badiou, Nietzsche, Meschonnic, e.

Reading knowledge of French is required, though the course will be conducted in English. We will consider the roots from Euripides to Corneille of his theatrical practice as well as its immense influence on future writers from Voltaire to Proust, Beckett and Genet. PQ: At least one French literature course or higher.

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Readings in French, discussion in French or English. Papers in French or English according to field of study. In this research-intensive graduate seminar, students will engage with a range of methods, questions, and approaches to conducting archival research in filmic, paper and print, and internet databases, and in both American and foreign contexts.

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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.