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Deefur Dog - RJ Scott - USA Today bestselling author of MM Romance

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Subjects Fiction Literature Romance. For over a year, widowed Cameron Jackson has tried to juggle his business with childcare for his two year old daughter Nannies last a day, some don't even make it through the front door if the self-proclaimed ruler doesn't approve. Something has to give.

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  6. Deefur loves a leaf...these autumn photographs were taken in Morgaston Wood :-).

Enter Jason Everson, nanny, teacher in training, apparent dog whisperer, and the only man who seems to make it past the initial scrutiny of the king. Can Jason help Cam put his house in order and help to heal his heart? Fiction Literature Romance.

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Learn how to read digital books for free. Media Deefur Dog. I thought he complimented Josh nicely and liked how he wanted to build something between them even though he was afraid of what might happen when he confided his secrets in Josh.

Deefer Dogs

I thought the story was really well done and the epilogue made for a great ending. Can the residents of Eden Vale, and in particular a man called Gabriel, show him that he can start again and that Christmas and love can live inside everyone, despite hurtful pasts? Poor Jesse!

What I loved most about this story was watching as Jesse slowly come back to himself and how he was rediscovering the spirit of Christmas through the pictures he was taking. The slow build between the two just fit so well with the story and served as a good reminder to Jesse that he was worth more than just a quick roll around the sheets. My only complaint was that the ending seemed a little abrupt to me but the story until then was paced really well.

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Christmas Eve is here and with it comes ice and snow. Cameron Jackson has no control over the grief that consumes him at this time of year, but this time he wants things to be different. With a ring in his pocket and love in his heart he wants to make new memories that will replace the last pieces of ice he has inside him.

Cameron loves Jason, wants forever with Jason, but it takes Deefur and some mistletoe to have Cameron finally saying the right things to Jason at the right time. Even without the first book, it was easy to get a feel for the characters and to understand the gist of what had gone on up to this point.

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Deefur Dog

Angel in a bookshop What happens when a broken man has to trust in the impossible? Deefur and the great mistletoe incident The story of how Deefur, after the great mistletoe incident, ends up with the best bed in the house. Like this: Like Loading