Daddy-Long-Legs and Other Stories

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Daddy Long Legs is fundamentally unique in its approach.

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Storytelling through letters, at face value, seems an odd decision but anyone who has read Jean Webster 's novel she wrote Daddy Long Legs in knows. It's different but it just works.

Virag: In terms of casting, was it difficult to find the performers you were looking for, as its quite an intimate cast with two very distinctive characters. Finding Jerusha and Jervis was a challenge in its own way. Virag: Were there any risks involved in choosing Daddy Longs Legs as your debut show? The show isn't widely known in Australia.

Daddy Long Legs

So, getting people excited about a show they've never heard, being produced by a company they've never heard of is quite the challenge. It might have been a smarter choice to do Les Miserable or Wicked.

Something that's an easier sell. Virag: As an audience member, when I see a show I love to be entertained but, more importantly, I like to leave the theatre thinking about the world of their characters and drawing connections between there's and mine.

Daddy-Long-Legs and Other Stories by Jean Webster

What would you like the audience to get out of this theatrical experience? Connor: I'd like the audience to be reminded of what makes them happy. The show centers around Jerusha Abbott, her growth as a woman and human being is the show.

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I love the ideal Jerusha represents. She's an intelligent, strong willed and passionate. She allows herself to feel and make mistakes and joy in little things and love, not just romantic, but everyday love.

Megan McGinnis and Paul Alexander Nolan in Snippets From Daddy Long Legs

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