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The threat from money laundering

In money laundering cases internationally, the most commonly prosecuted cases are not complicated. This is not evidence that there are no complicated cases, since the proportion of crime proceeds and crime financing that have been subjected to serious investigation is modest. There is a core contradiction between general economic policy pushed hard multilaterally for liberalisation of financial flows and a crime control policy intent on hampering them.

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However more action not just legislation on these could facilitate interventions against the more harmful individuals, networks and crime enablers. The less complex financial activities of local drug-dealing gangs can be intervened against, without needing international cooperation or familiarity with sophisticated money laundering typologies. Thus, the report offers a striking view of the global dimensions of organized crime today.

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An analytical discussion of three key transnational drug markets: the markets for heroin, cocaine and amphetamine-type stimulants. The market discussion is followed by a presentation of statistical trends for all major drug categories. The latest information on drug production, seizures and consumption is presented.

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Finally, there is a discussion on the relationship between drug trafficking and instability. It is a multi-disciplinary group with members from all regions of the world, coordinating and harmonizing different national and regional approaches.

Understanding Corruption, Money Laundering and Organized Crime - Margaret Beare

The employees are then not insured against unemployment or accidents at work. To prevent the social insurance system being exploited, the government will act firmly against businesses that do not remit social insurance contributions. They must pay the contributions and will be fined. Non-Dutch nationals who work without a permit illegal workers are cheaper than Dutch workers.

The prevention of money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism

The employment of illegal workers in preference to Dutch workers distorts competition. Illegal workers are usually subject to low pay and poor working conditions. Furthermore, employers do not respect collective labour agreements and do not pay tax and social insurance contributions. Medical expenses are therefore not reimbursed following an accident at work. The Labour Inspectorate regularly checks whether employers have valid work permits for all foreign employees who are not free to work in the Netherlands.

Money laundering and illicit finance

Neither employer nor employee pays tax or social insurance contributions on pay. Many undeclared workers also work in the building industry builders, handymen , horticulture, bars, restaurants and childminding babysitters. The undeclared worker and the employer must then pay the taxes and social insurance contributions due. They also risk a fine.

If they raid a site, they check for benefit fraud, tax evasion and crime such as large-scale cannabis cultivation and illegal car breaking. On the other hand, the government wants the police to have a better understanding of the culture of the Roma and Sinti who often live on such sites.

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