Armchair Athlete

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After two weeks of round the clock Olympics coverage, nothing. As I said, nothing. Even for a person who is quite used to waking up with feelings of nothingness, the Monday morning after an Olympics closing ceremony is a bad moment.

Armchair Athlete

What am I going to do with myself, now there is no taekwondo to watch? You'd have thought the BBC would have at least had an Olympics reduction programme to ease the withdrawal pains. A montage of highlights or a fencing bout between an unknown Serbian and Algerian that I somehow missed first time round. Where is Cary Cooper? Normally at moments of intense national mourning, the Professor of Organisational Psychology is somewhere to be found in the papers offering words of comfort on how to cope with feelings of loss and abandonment.

Not this time.

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I check his Twitter feed. Not sure what amping is, but even so it seems a curiously pointless question to be asking the great man.

What a life

It's getting through the next few days I'm worried about, not how the economy is doing. We all know it's tanking. With no Cary to hand, I'm rather left to my own resources.

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  • Armchair Athlete.

But hopefully I'm better prepared than most as I've had to deal with countless Olympics and World Cup comedowns ever since , the year I first became an armchair athlete. Check out a sport that could be beneficial to your health.

How to Be an Armchair Athlete

This way you are getting healthy while having fun and learning at the same time. For example, swimming has been known to be beneficial to those who suffer from asthma.

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  4. Swimming improves good lung capacity and learning to swim can help asthmatics develop theirs as well. There are so many sports out there but only one you. The key to finding a sport you like is to try your hand at something you think you might like to do. Since you spend lots of time cheering your team on, why not try that particular sport first. This will not only increase your appreciation of the game but also give you firsthand experience of what your favorite athlete is going through every game.

    Repeat until you find something that you like.

    Armchair athlete: Study suggests watching sports can make you fitter

    There are many sports that require specialized equipment. When playing football for example, you need a helmet and cleats among other things and with hockey, sticks, skates and pads. Choosing sports like these can cost money.

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    Follow those guys you admire. Find out what to expect when you try the sport out. This is not only a good time to find out info about the sport but about inspirational sports people as well.

    Armchair Athlete

    Discover how they got into what they do, what they love about it, and what keeps them going. Perhaps this will inspire you to stand up and trade the armchair for the real game. - Zeitungen aus der ganzen Welt

    Not all tryouts start smoothly. There will be instances wherein you might feel frustrated, sore, and very tired after a game or session.

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