Apologies From a Repentant Christian

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My speech was corrupting, and it hurt you.

Regrets, Apologies, and Repentance - Reformed Journal: The Twelve

I wanted what I wanted more than what God wanted or what you deserved from me. I love you, and I do understand what I did. Will you forgive me? Do not let any person that you have sinned against go away wondering whether or not 1 you were fully aware of what you did, 2 that you understood how what you did hurt them, and 3 your request for forgiveness is not lacking clarity because of a murky confession.

How do I Receive Forgiveness from God? - Prayer for Forgiveness of Sins - necentciltioban.ga

The gospel informs us that sin is real, and it binds souls, whether the soul belongs to the offended or the offender. The gospel tells us that there is healing for our sin. But we have a responsibility before God and others to biblically clean up our messes. If we do not admit our sin, seek forgiveness for our sin, or require others to forgive us of our sin, we have dishonored the gospel by muting its power and marginalizing its purpose.

The point of the gospel is to release sinners from their sins. Christ came to set the captive free, which happens at salvation, and it happens for the rest of our lives in our progressive sanctification. Christians know better, and we can do better. Ask for forgiveness when you sin, and freely forgive those who ask for it: that is the power of the gospel working in you.

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Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. The term has nearly wholly replaced biblical forgiveness. Though it may be a good start in relational reconciliation, it can never get the job done when sin is in play.

Only transactional forgiveness neutralizes and removes the sins that come between us. Forgiveness heightens the awareness that a sin was committed. Forgiveness is part of the process of repentance.

Forgiveness allows the sinner to be free from what he did. Forgiveness allows the victim to release the sinner from his crime. Forgiveness affirms the testimony of the gospel: Christ died for our sins. Only actual injuries require confession of a wrong. It would be inappropriate for a man who had a lustful thought to confess that thought to the woman who was the object of his lust. Confession in such cases should be made only to God. That does not, however, rule out confession in every case where the victim is unaware of the offense.

If you have quietly slandered someone, that person may be unaware of the offense. Nonetheless, the offense is real. It needs to be made right not only with those who received the original slander, but also with the person who was slandered, even if that person is not yet aware of the offense. Should I confess my unfaithfulness to my wife, even if telling her about it may hurt her more than keeping it a secret would?

There is no doubt that in some cases confessing a sin may cause as much hurt as the offense itself. Nonetheless, I believe that in all cases the unfaithful party in a marriage relationship broken by adultery should confess the sin to his or her spouse. For one thing, it takes two people to commit adultery. The other party in the sin already knows about the offense. It compounds your unfaithfulness to share a secret with your cohort in sin but keep your spouse in the dark.

The lack of total openness—the need to hide things and keep secrets—will continue to be a barrier to the proper unity of the marriage. Something as serious as a breach in the marital union cannot be repaired if the truth must be kept from your marriage partner. Failure to confess simply compounds lying and cover-ups. That sort of thing will eventually destroy the relationship, whether or not the adultery is repeated. As difficult as it may be for both you and your spouse, you must deal honestly with a sin like this.

If the offended spouse discovers the sin through other means, the hurt that is then caused will be drastically increased. You owe it to him or her to confess. Whenever an actual loss has been caused by a wrong, restitution is certainly appropriate. Whether the loss was caused deliberately as in a theft or accidentally through some form of negligence , restitution should be made. In some cases tangible restitution is impossible, and yet reparations need to be made.

7 Characteristics of a Real, Genuine, Sincere Apology

Lies should be confessed and the truth communicated at least as widely as the lie was. Restitution in all such instances begins with a humble confession of the wrongdoing and a willingness to do whatever is reasonable to right the wrong.

Yes and no. There is obviously no way to purge the memory of an offense. And the more severe the offense, the more difficult it may be to keep the memory from coming to mind.

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They usually cite Hebrews cf. They say He will not remember them. To forget something is to have no memory of it. Obviously God, who is omniscient, has not lost His memory of our transgressions.

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Rather, He refuses to call them to mind. He promises not to bring them up. And that is exactly what is involved in forgiveness. It is a promise not to remind the person of the offense. Cozy Mystery All of the whodunit fun of a mystery without the gruesome details, often with a dose of humor or sweetness.

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